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Wefted Wool Dreads From Rock-N-Roll Farm

If you are contemplating dreadlock extensions, but want a faster way to install them than your typical SE or DE methods, look no further!  Jennifer at Rock-n-Roll Fiber Farms creates amazing sets of light weight wool dreadlocks on wefts.  (Be sure to look through her gallery... omg, so much glorious hair!)

This full set consists of four wefts and some single ended dreads for the edges.

Untitled design(69)

The victim.  She doesn't look excited at all, does she?

Untitled design(70)

Step 1:  We started by creating parted sections as wide as the wefted rows.  This helps us budget the hair so that we wont run short and the style will be balanced.

Untitled design(73)

Step 2:  We begin braiding in a bit of extension fiber.  This will stabilize her braids so that they don't slip out of place and it will give more rigidity to the stitched rows.

Untitled design(71)

Step 3:  Braid to the center part, then off of the head to the ends of the natural hair.  Band them off.  Note: These braids don't have to be pretty - just functional.  AKA Don't judge this.  ;)

Untitled design(72)

Once you get done with your braids, they should look something like this.

Untitled design(74)

Step 4:  I decided to add the lower row of singles before continuing.  You can wait on this until you are doing all of the singles, but I like to skip around and doing them now will keep them out of my way.  :)  If you aren't sure how to add SE dreads to hair, check out this video.

Untitled design(75)

Step 5:  Take all of those loose braids and tack them down with a needle and thread.  Fold them back on to themselves as needed - just try to keep them relatively flat to the head.  The less volume you have away from the head, the flatter your rows will lay on the next step.

Go ahead and finish up the singles on the sides while you are in here.  Get those bad boys out of the way.  :)

Untitled design(76)

Step 6:  Begin sewing the wefts of dreads onto your braided rows.  You'll want to have the top of the weft on the upper side of your braid to minimize the volume.

Untitled design(77)

Viola.  Row one complete.

Untitled design(78)

Step 7:  Moar rows!!  Just keep stitching them on!  We are so close now!

Untitled design(79)

Step 8:  Finish by completing the rest of your singles.

Untitled design(82)

Step 9:  Style it up!

Untitled design(83)

Tada!  The finished result.  What a stunner!

Untitled design(41)

In case you were wondering, updos are totally possible too!

Untitled design(42)

A few final notes on this style - 
This installation method can feel bulkier than a typical DE or SE install because of the bulk of your braided rows.  This method works best when you are wanting to cover longer hair without the time investment of braiding in every lil tiny dread.

Hope you enjoyed our adventure!  Tell us what you think in the comments section!



3 thoughts on “Wefted Wool Dreads From Rock-N-Roll Farm”

  • David
    September 29, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    Very informative and entertaining look at the process. You did a wonderful job on my friend's hair!

    • Nirvana Drew
      September 30, 2016 at 4:29 am

      Yay! Thank you so much!

  • Kim Hordern
    October 1, 2016 at 4:42 am

    Very cool, and beautiful girl, my daughter Kat

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