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Wefted Installation & Hair Color - Start to Finish

Major change is underway...
Growing out an A-line and needing a color/length reboot!

We begin by putting in our extensions.  We have an awesome tutorial that shows how to complete a linkies track weave.  I highly recommend this method.  <3 it!

Once the extensions are in, we tapered her ends so that there was no "shelf" of natural hair over the extensions.  Also, I really prefer coloring extensions once they are installed - much easier to control!  So yeah... what a rainbow, huh?  Let's fix that...

We have colored and rinsed - Redken 1Ab at the roots of the extensions and Sparks in Electric Blue to the natural hair, and to the ends of the extensions.  Oooh la la...

Extensions with scriggle scraggle ends... I just can't.  Point cut those bad boys please!
I love you, and it's not a tail.  *meow*

Ahhhhh, sweet relief.  Looking pretty close to done.  But wait, there's more!

This is a trick that I use when coloring extensions from bright to dark.  The weft thread rarely absorbs color.  Use a Sharpie (or other permanent marker) to color stain it.  It helps hide the wefts so they don't poke through the natural hair like jerks.

Just for illustration's sake, top weft colored, bottom weft - still a jerk.

Here it is with a little sheen and flat ironing!  Gorgeous black to blue hair.  Easy peasy and undetectable.  :)

And one from the side because YUM!

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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