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Unintentional Ombre Weave

"I wan't long hair, I want long hair, I want long hair."  "Hey." "Hey." "I want long hair, I want long hair." "Did I mention I want long hair?"
"Okay, FINE, but I'm not going to have time to color it tonight - you going to be able to live with that?"
"Uh... I guessssssssss..."
"Okay... let me gather mah stuffs..."


Step one: I normally don't do this, but Anna (our office manager) has reeeeediuculously thick hair and we were trying to get away with one bundle.  In order to budget that bundle in the best possible way, I decided to start at the top.

Starting at the top helps you to see how much of a natural hair shelf will emerge and if you need to position more extensions closer to the natural part lines.

First row of our linkies weave is in, and I decide to use three wefts to give it some good bulk.

I like this picture because you can see her natural hair peeking out from under the wefts.  It's thick and blue gray (very faded Sparks Electric Blue).

With the top layer installed, I did some blending work to make sure we didn't need to take her top rows up higher.  I only like taking them up higher if I absolutely need to.  Styling and grow out is easier if you can get away with this being your top layer.

Next, we pinned our extension layer up and started adding rows at the bottom working toward the crown.   Once they were installed, we ended up with this awesome haircut!
IMGP1175  IMGP1177

Let's just pretend that never happened.  Using point cutting on the ends, and razoring over the harsh lines resulted in the following...
And if you are like me, you are looking at that tiny unblended corner "did she not see that?" "OMG, yes I see that..." but we are still working.  Leave me alone.

Here's what it looked like the next day at work.  :)
IMGP1190IMGP1191 IMGP1192

Like a rockstar.  Or a princess.  Or whatever.
The plan is to add deeper and darker colors and chippity chop some Bettie bangs in there.
I'm glad she likes it the way it is at the moment, otherwise I'd be hearing "Hey, hey, hey I want darker hair.  Can we add some purple?  Hey, hey, hey."... all. damn. day.


The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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