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Welcome home, beautiful!

A Typical Order Process

After you place your order...

  1. It gets downloaded at intervals by our inventory system. 
  2. Once it's been downloaded, the products you selected get pulled from our shelves by our lovely pack and ship team members (Yeah, they are all super attractive, so much so that we all have to wear shades to keep from being blinded by their really, really ridiculously good looks). 
  3. They're then meticulously scanned to make sure every detail of your order is correct. Each individual item is scanned to assure accuracy to your invoice. 
  4. We pack the products with love and care, label and take them to our shipping bay to be picked up by our shipping carriers.
  5. From our shipping bay they're waved a fond farewell and begin their magical journey to you.   
  6. You will be emailed your tracking information for you to spy on it as it makes its way across the land.  

If there are any hiccups, you can expect our staff to be in contact with you immediately and maintain that contact until the goods are safely in your hands.