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Synthetic Dreads

Watch these free tutorials by Doctored Locks to learn everything you need to know about making and installing synthetic dreadlocks. From start to finish.


Haven't heard of a dreadloom? Well if you are a dreadmaker, then you are missing out. Learn how awesome it is for making double and single ender dreads.

Dreadlock Pregame

Step One - Base Formation (Before Sealing)

Starting your synthetic dreadlocks have never been easy. Doc will teach you her tips and tricks for making dreads. Have questions? We have answers.

Advanced Base Formation: Creating Color Patterns

Got the basics down? Now your ready for some advanced synthetic dreadlock making. Striped, harlequin, and ombre dreads are all broken down step by step.

Designing With Alternative Fibers and Textures

Step Two: Sealing & Compacting Your Base

Forming your synthetic dreadlocks is the first step, now it's time to seal! So many options, try them all and find your favorite. Steam, flat iron, or boiling.

Troubleshooting Your Sealing Method

Methods for Creating and Compacting Your Base Without Heat Sealing

It is possible to make beautiful synthetic dreadlocks minus the sealing process. Don't believe it? Watch these tutorials to see seal free dread options.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Learn all of your finishing touches for your synthetic dreadlocks. Ends and fuzzies will be mastered once you watch these amazing tutorials from Doctored Locks.

Step Four: Adding Curls, Waves and Textures

You don't have to be stuck with just straight synthetic dreadlocks. Add some curls and waves to spice up your dread wardrobe. Learn how in these tutorials.

Synthetic Dreadlock Installation Methods

There are so many installation options to choose from for synthetic dreadlocks. Learn your options for SE or DE dreads in these free video tutorials.

Synthetic Dread Care and Removal

Caring for synthetic dreadlocks is super easy! Doc will walk you through care and the removal process step by step in these video tutorials.

Dreadlock Hair Styles

Just because you have dreadlocks doesn't mean you have to give up styling your hair. Watch these videos to learn beautiful hair styles for those with dreads.

On-Client Dreadlock Creation Methods

Dreadlock Hairpieces and Accents

Your don't have to install synthetic dreadlocks. Try making a dread ponytail piece. Add diversity to your hair wardrobe. Learn how in these video tutorials.

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