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Extension Basics

Watch these free video tutorials from Doctored Locks to learn the essentials before you buy your extensions. Topics include length, color, and quality.

How to Pick Out Hair Extensions

Learn all you need to know about picking out extensions. Get educated on color, length, and quality before you pick out your extensions to avoid bad choices.

Making Hair Extension Wefts and Tips

Free video tutorials by Doctored Locks. Learn from Doc how to make tipped (I-tips and U-tips) hair extensions, wefted extensions and so much more!

Where Do You Put These Things?

Since hair extensions rely on upper layers of hair to hide the bonds, you'll need to know some things about angles and placement. Watch these videos to learn all about placement for different methods and different hairstyles.

Covering Problem Areas

Care and Troubleshooting

Hair extension care and troubleshooting - because everyone gets in a jam now and then!

Cutting and Blending Your Hair Extensions

What kind of shampoos to use for washing your extensions, what kind of hair brush you need, how to cut and blend, and more!

Coloring Hair Extensions

Watch these free video tutorials by Doctored Locks to learn how to color and style extensions! Learn how to paint patterns and get fabulous curls.

Styling Hair Extensions

Hair extension styling for updos, weddings, formal or casual wear. Blending natural hair and extensions to create flowing styles.

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