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I have ordered from this site twice and both times I've been nothing but impressed bot times. The first time I ordered the platinum blonde 22" synthetic dreadlocks and this last time I ordered chocolate brown 22" dreadlocks. I still have the brown ones in now and I am loving them! It only takes my orders 3 days to come in and I love that because I get kinda impatient. But this is the only place where I will get my dreads from now on. I love them sooooo much!!! <3 thank you lots! :)
Nicky Taylor May 02, 2015
Seriously the best products and the best customer service i have ever had! Recieved some dolly locks shampoo (which smelt amazing!) And it had leaked during transit. One quick call and they shipped a replacement! I love these guys and will be a customer for a very long time!
britney longson March 27, 2015
Ordered my products 2 weeks ago and already have my new dreads installed. I was very happy with cost, shipping and delivery. The product is great, although I am a first timer making dreads. I had no problems whatsoever, I watched the very informative and easy to follow videos before starting, because I understand all products aren't made the same. So, using the jumbo kanekalon, I successfully made as well as installed my first set of dreads. I'm very happy with the overall experience. The fiber was easy to work with, in all steps, and sealed very well for me. Installation was quite easy, and in the end I had only a small amount of wasted product due to tangles and knots, which was fault mostly on my part. The only problem I had overall was with the shipping cost to Canada. I actually ordered to my Aunts house in the states and had it brought to Canada for a fraction of the cost. Aside from that, I had a great experience overall and I will certainly order from here again -- & as for the instruction videos, greatly appreciated, my dreads look great <3. Thanks Doc!
Candice March 18, 2015
I'm in love with crin! I've made two sets of falls and just ordered crin for the third. thank you so much for making it so easy.....:) I like the little treat with every order too...
JoElla Lane February 27, 2015
I am so grateful for Kaylee at Doctored Locks in Spokane Valley, Washington. She was so sweet as to let me in 15 minutes early to get my extensions before my 9am appointment today. Not only did she have excellent customer service, but she went out of her way to make my experience with Doctored Locks a positive one! In todays world, you just do not find people like her very easily. Thank you, thank you Kaylee! I will be back because of you!
Jennifer Penning March 05, 2015
Just ordered this week. The shipping and delivery were very pleasant. Wish I could say the same for the product. I ordered the color jumbo braid kanekalon hair and the doctored locks fiber hair in color and regular black. The hair was not to my liking or soft as described. It was very hard to install. Harsh on the fingers when creating the wrapped dread and very tangled. A lot of the hair was scrap due to the amount of tangling and knots experienced. I will not be ordered from here again. The product was an epic fail for me. Not soft or easy to seal. Completed the install and forced to take out due to the unraveling of the fiber hair.
Shana Rhynehardt February 14, 2015
amazing! everything from your products, to your website, to shipping - it couldn't be any better! I am a cancer survivor and since my hair doesn't want to grow anymore :( I depend on you guys to make me feel even more beautiful :) I love your products! thank you for being awesome - it makes me feel awesome!!! I would recommend you to anyone!
katie sue christofferson January 14, 2015
is extremely pleased with not just the service and dreadlocks but that Doctored Locks always has me coming back for more spending my paycheck the instant i get it! lol is that bad? nahh i just love how much they have helped me! love you all who have put up with my constant ordering wants and needs! you guys are jesus<3
Dalton White January 13, 2015
Shipping was super quick. Dreads were beautiful! Will definitely order again soon! Love the great customer service and tutorials.
Niko Guappone December 23, 2014
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