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Thank you for sending our hair so quickly. I appreciate you taking the time to talk me through some of the colors over the phone. The color is a perfect match! I couldn't be happier with how it looks. I will be ordering from you again. Really appreciate your customer service!:)
Kelly Kinser November 18, 2015
Customer service a plus. Had to wait a while for delivery - once we established color selection order came next day air. Wait was definitely worth it. Excellent quality for the price. As soon as I opened package placed another order.
I wanted emerald green box braids, doctored locks gave me emerald green box braids.
armante flower September 30, 2015
I had just ordered my first pair of Doctored Locks i-tip ombre. I lost my hair a few years ago in chemo, and loosing that much hair was just devastating because of why I had to. After installing my new extensions, i have never felt so beautiful and empowered.. and just so much kore like myself. I have the long gorgeous hair that I once had naturally, again. Its almost as if I never lost my hair to my cancer battle. Im absolutely satisfied and just so very happy to be me again. Thank you.
Summer Cobb August 14, 2015
My sister referred me to your site, to order the Senegal Soul Braid. She had ordered, and was very happy with the full results. I am also very impressed , first off, with the fast delivery and accuracy. Thumbs up!!! I've seen the quality, and look forward to having my twists installed. Will send update, of finished results. Thanks so much!!!
Leslie Summers August 05, 2015
I have been buying and using synthetic hair for YEARS. The place I use to purchase my extensions from closed suddenly a few years ago when the owner's husband became very ill. I was able to find my product at various local beauty supply stores, but it was always a "crap shoot" if I would be able to purchase the color(s) and/or quantities I would need. About two years ago, I decided to stop going from place-to-place and looked online. That is how I discovered "Doctored Locks." They not only had what I needed, there were other products I used that I couldn't find anywhere else, and the prices were much better! I have used "DL" ever since. The site has a wide variety of selection, excellent customer service, and if they do not carry what you are looking for, they will get it to you. I have referred many family members and friends to "DL" and they too have had the same positive experiences. I only look and hope for this company to grow in the near future.
Nicole Andrené Stanley July 14, 2015
Hey there! I've been buying all my synthetic fiber from doctor locks for the past about 5 years I'd say. I am a licensed cosmetologist as well, and started making synthetic dreads after I saw them idk' internet likely, don't remember where I first saw them. Ever sense then been buying from the Doctor! She actually was the very first tutorial youtube video I ever watched. So a lot of what I've developed in methods for making mine were some what originally based on the Doctors teachings! :) My Online store just opened: You can also follow me at: I just love this site and its products. Her videos are really great too. <3 Maybe someday she will sponsor me if I stay committed to buying her fiber! Haha, one can only dream! xoxox -iley Vega from Dread Knot
Hailey Hewitt June 13, 2015
I have had my dreads now for just about a month and i love them. I have let them unravel just a little bit then use dread wax on them for a more natural look. i have ordered more to have them available to me when i tighten them and for replacement ones. I have received a ton of compliments on my dreads , people especially women will walk up to me and tell me how good my hair looks.even my husband was worried that i wouldn't look good with him, But he loves them.
Therese Bennett June 03, 2015
My Clients and I have been looking for new and exciting colors to try when they are getting their hair braided I've been searching for months and came across your website I do not resale any hair to my clients it is too time consuming,any hair I have purchased will be for my head only I love the textures of the hair it is very easy to work with and the bold and bright colors I order make it even more wild ,in the near future I will send more photos of my clients who purchased hair from your website until then Have a Happy Hair Day
Monica Burrwell May 29, 2015
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