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'YEARS ago I got clip on bangs from you, they are still in great and wearable condition!!!! :-DDD'
hipretty June 02, 2013
thanks so much for the shout out your team is definitely the best when it comes to service and all my products!!
RedJew May 23, 2013
hi Dr. locks! I purchased several packets of synthetic hair from you and I love it! You have the cheapest prices around and I just adore the products. I'm glad I purchased from you.
rizu catudio May 22, 2013
Thank you so much for being so understanding. It really instills faith in good consumerism when retail organizations believe & trust in their buyers. I will continue to buy my hair & tell others what a great company you are.
Lori Leonetti April 26, 2013
Just what the Doctor ordered thank you!!!!!
Claudine Fiona Astbury April 09, 2013
'Thank you for all your messages. I am grateful you will keep a watch on this and keep me informed!! You all are really wonderful. Again, I do so appreciate the service and attention I get at Doctored Locks!!!!!!'
Shirley Rhyne April 05, 2013
Thanks so much for the speedy delivery!
Kelly Cooper February 24, 2013
Placed my 1st order with you and received it super fast. Getting ready to place another. Thanks much!
Jenn Parker February 21, 2013
'Just wanted to stop by and say that your company Doctored Locks is awesome! You not only have the best prices, but the best service. (...and no, I did not get paid for saying that) :)'
Auntie Kare February 04, 2013
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