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The products are amazing! I've used a few local shops in my town but since I've bought the jumbo braids from DL, I will be using them from now on. :)
Monika Bailey October 28, 2017
Extremely impressed with these guys Ordered my hair late Wednesday and my hair was in my mailbox Saturday! Not only that the hair I ordered is kickass! Will definately be getting all my hair supplies from them. They rock!!! Also their website super easy to use navigate and order from. Thank you
Kelly klessig September 25, 2017
I received my dreads really fast, within 5 days after ordering them. I was so surprised how soft they are and we'll designed. This is my first time wearing dreads and I plan to order more. I didn't see any SE packages of 10 like the DE. Would you sale packages of SE soon? I am still learning to put my dreads in, but I know this is what I've been looking for to fit my personality. Thank you for the fast shipment and wonderful products!
Misty Perez July 25, 2017
I am extremely impressed with this company! I ordered the supplies I needed to create and install a set of synthetic dreads on a Wednesday evening and it was in my mail box on Friday morning. The shipping was SUPER fast (less than 48 hours from when I placed the order to when it showed up at my house) and everything was packed really neat in the box. I ordered the 48 inch KK Smooth Seal Jumbo Braid and I was not let down by the quality. I also got some of the dread rings and the elastic matrix thread, when they say it's hard to break they aren't lying! This was my first time ordering anything from Doctored Locks and I can say for sure I definitely will be ordering from this company again in the future!
Kristi Knotts May 04, 2017
I wanted to write and thank you all for the amazing products and customer service you have delivered! I have 1 1/2 year old dreads and wanted to add extensions but didn't know how, and I live in a very rural area where all the salons I asked had no experience with them. I watched your awesome video tutorial, ordered my supplies (which shipped AMAZINGLY fast, even though it is just a few days before Christmas!), and was thrilled how the crocheted SE dreads match my natural hair color EXACTLY. Holy cow do you guys know how to do this right! Not only that, but when I called with a question on how to shorten my extensions the NICEST person picked up immediately and was super helpful and cool. I'm starting to install my extensions tonight and feel confident that you guys are there if I need more supplies or help! Thank you so much!
Anni Bryner December 29, 2016
I love the products!
Christine bell November 30, 2016
I wanted to thank you guys for the fast shipping! I bought a jumbo braid and a knotty boy hair accessory which are both in perfect condition. You guys sent me your business card and a Swedish fish! That was so cute of you, thank you! Definitely brought a smile to my face!
Ida Lübeck September 03, 2016
purchased hair from doctored locks through amazon and used it to make an outrageous norman style ren faire hair piece. i couldn't be happier with the result and your hair made it all possible. you have a customer for life.
China Mayhew July 20, 2016
I've been silver gray for the last 15 years and you have no idea how hard it is to find those colors. I'm 65 years old and I get so many compliments on my hair color. Drlocks is about the only place I can find quality kanekalon in #51. It's even harder to find #44. Love your website and customer service
Vivian Akridge January 24, 2017