Tape In Hair Extensions and Supplies for Installation

New hair, new you!  The look you want takes as little as 30 minutes to add volume and thickness.  Human remy hair without compromise.  Feel your newfound self-confidence go through the roof with our natural density tape-in hair extension locks!

Whether you're a professional stylist or someone exploring the world of hair extensions for the first time, our tape in extensions have you covered.  Install salon quality hair extensions in length without paying top dollar.  Our luxury tape-in hair extensions are reusable and can be reinstalled many times.  Generous amount of strands per pack!

Natural Hair Tape In Hair Extensions

Made from 100 percent luxury remy human hair.  Give your clients perfect locks with the volume and length that seamlessly blends their hair type!  Easily match your hair color.  Tape-in extensions are the perfect way to add multi-dimensional tones, balayage, and ombre hair colors.  Ash blondes and rooted extensions too!  

Guests with thinner hair and fine hair appreciate our luxuriously high-quality that gives them thicker hair instantly.  Our quality of hair extensions is unparalleled on the market.

Tape Style Hair Extensions
  1. Bliss Tape Hair Extensions close-up on tabs
    Bliss Tape-In Extensions - Straight 50g:20p | Remy Human Hair
  2. Bohyme Essentials Tape-Ins - Straight 28g:10p | Human Hair
    Bohyme Essentials Tape-Ins - Straight 28g:10p | Human Hair


Tape-In Extensions Install Supplies

Quick and easy seamless applications begin with a secure hold tape strip.  Hairdressers agree that this method is easier than placing single weft rows and big style changes can happen with as few as four to six extensions!

Tape-in hair extensions applied into the client's hair by a sandwich method - which places one tape extension on top, natural hair in-between and then either a second extension below or a single-sided hairless tab (for clients with thinner hair).

Installation Supplies

Tape-In Method Care and Adhesive Removal

To make your tape-ins last longer and make sure they adhere properly, use a clarifying shampoo for natural hair that is residue free.  These extensions should have superior longevity and last many weeks with proper care.  You won't need to wash your extensions daily, but use a sulfate-free shampoo that is gentle on your scalp.  A moisturizing conditioner will help keep your extensions in tip-top shape.  With proper care, they should last you 12 months or more!

Quickly remove adhesive tape in extensions without damaging your natural hair by using our No-Trace adhesive remover.  Unlike other adhesive systems that require weird chemicals and pliers to crack out hard bonds (like outdated fusion hair), 

After a very easy removal, the extensions can be fitted with replacement tape.  Use double-sided tabs for reinstallation.  

Removal Supplies

Stylist Essentials



Why Choose Us for Your Tape-In Hair Extensions?  Perfect Locks Every Time!

  • Premium Quality: Luxury quality in every product, beginning with virgin non-damaged hair.
  • Variety and Options: With enough hair extension types, colors, and lengths, you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
  • Expert Guidance: Over two decades of experience, we want to make sure your hair extension journey is fully supported.

Experience a whole new level of hair confidence!  Quickly add length and volume to your hair and elevate your hair game. Explore our collection and get that halo hair glow that you've only dreamed of.