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DIY: How to Create Amazing Synthetic Dreads Using ShapeShifter Monofiber

Synth Dreads with ShapeShifter:

Learn how to make dreadlocks using ShapeShifter, high heat fiber.

Items Needed:
Dreadloom (optional)
Tail Comb
Ironing Board
Pot with Water

1. Separate a section of fiber away from the bundle.
2. Secure the fiber to your work surface.
3. Backcomb with big sweeping motions for a few passes.
4. Continue with smaller refined passes.
5. Turn your fiber to make sure it is backcombed equally on all sides.
6. ShapeShifter has been properly backcombed when you can stand it up by its roots and it holds its rigid form without bending.
7. Flip the fiber and repeat on the other leg (if you are creating a DE).
8. Place an ironing board to your work surface.
9. Soak your towel in water.
10. Squeeze out the excess, leaving it wet, but not dripping.
11. Place the towel under the fiber.
12. Twist the fiber and fold the towel over the twisted form.
13. Iron the towel covered form on a high heat to force steam into the fiber.
14. Hold the shape until the fiber cools.
15. Twist the fiber more tightly, reposition the towel to a new damp area and repeat.
16. Continue this process to seal the length of the dread.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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