Super Shrinkies 250 Count Jar | Keratin Lined

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Use with pre-tipped hair for fabulous strand-by-strand applications, or get creative and create a customized look!

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If you like the Original Shrinkies, you will love Doctored Locks Super Shrinkies! They can be used with all sizes of pre-tipped hair just like the Original Shrinkies.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Variety of diameter sizes available
  • Great for decorative work

Super Shrinkies can be used with human hair or synthetic hair and with many different types of installation techniques.

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Customer Questions
Can i apply shrinkies with the ultrasonic applicator tool that i have?

Yes, you absolutely can. :)

Can Shrinkies be used alone for installs in place of a micro link? Must Shrinkies be used solely with prebonded, or can it be used as a stand alone means for application?

We have several tutorials where we show Shrinkies being used alone and in conjunction with other hair types. If you want help with an idea you have, just drop us a line at

How long will a shrinkies install last?

Until your grow out dictates that your installation needs to be redone. Most people keep them in for about 1.5 to 2 months.

How many shrinkies does it usually take for an entire head application of hair?

Most people do about 150 to 200 bonds, but it really depends on how thick the strands are - most people will add about 100 to 150g of extension hair.

Is 2mm the length of the tube of size of the diameter ofnthe opening

Its the opening - and the hair it corresponds to. :) If you need exact measurements we can get you exact specifics at

What would be the benefit if shrinkies as opposed to normal fusion or micro links? Ive used the shrinkies years ago but dont remember how well they worked for my client.

Shrinkies have a protective casing that protects the bond compared to regular fusion. Shrinkies are clear, so they can adapt to many different colors. They roll down fairly small and are the most comparable to users that like fusion methods. In my ...

Gostaria de saber mais sobre este shrinkies,usa-se a pinça de aquecer e vcs enviam para o Brasil

I'm not sure I totally understand. Shrinkies have a lining of adhesive. You will need a heat wand to install with them. We do ship to Brazil.

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