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DIY: How to Create Premade Pieces for a Spiral Curl Updo

Sprial Curl Pack:

Learn how to create a spiral curl pack for an elegant updo.

Items Needed:
Weaving Hair
Hair Spray
Curling Iron
Hair Pins

Creating Your Pieces
1. Cut centimeter pieces of wefted hair.
2. Remove any shedding from the cut edges.
3. Coat with hairspray.
4. Curl each piece starting from the weft and spiraling to the tip.
5. Hold for a few seconds and let it drop to a flat surface.
6. Allow to cool.
Creating Your Updo
1. Start with the natural hair in a bun.
2. Find the wefted piece of your curl, put a hair pin through it, and insert into the base of the bun.
3. Repeat with all the curls.
4. Begin pinning the ends of the curls to cover the bun and create the final updo.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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