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DIY: How to Create Synthetic Dreads from Kanekalon Silky Braid

Silky Braid Dreads:

Learn how to create dreads out of Kanekalon silky braid.

Items Needed:
Dreadloom (optional)
Silky Braid
Tail Comb
Ironing Board
Pot of Water

1. Separate a section of Silky Braid from the bundle and attach it to your work space with the mid-point visible.
2. Begin backcombing with wide sweeping motions.
3. Continue with smaller, tighter passes until your dread form has become solid.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Place an ironing board against your work space.
6. Put your towels into the pot of water, ring one out, and place it on the ironing board.
7. Place the dread form on the towel.
8. Begin twisting the dread form tightly.
9. Cover with another section of damp towel.
10. Iron over the form, keeping it tightly twisted.
11. Hold the dread until it cools to retain the shape.
12. Retwist to tighten your seal and iron the form again.
13. Continue this process for the remainder of the dreadlocks.
14. Cut off the wispy ends.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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