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DIY: How to Create Senegal (or Havana) Twists with Marley Braid

Senegal Braids with Marley Braid:

Learn how to create Senegalese Twists with Marley Braid Extensions.

Items Needed:
Marley Braid
Crocodile Clips
Blow Dryer

1. Pick up 3 (or more) pieces of Marley Braid and offset them slightly.
2.Clip hair away from your section.
3.Split the section into two - adding a leg of Marley Braid to each.
4.Twist the section in your right hand taut (but not tight) to the head.
5.Twist the section in your left hand taut to the head.
6.Pass the right section over the left, switching hands.
7.Twist with the right, and pass to the left.
8. Continue this until you reach the end of your natural hair.
9. Add in some Spirit Gum to keep them in place.
10. Push the ends into the center of the twists.
11. Continue the twist and pass.
12. When you get to the tiny ends, separate them and make two new pieces.
13. Continue the twist and pass.
14. Separate tiny ends again, and repeat the same process.
15. Twist and hit with a blow dryer.
16. Clip away the ends.

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