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DIY: How to Make a SE Fishtail Accent Braid with Dreaded End

Fishtail Accent Braid:

Learn how to create a single ended fishtail accent braid.

Items Needed:
Braiding Hair

1. Determine the length and cut away excess fiber.
2. Determine the finished thickness by twisting the fiber. Adjust as needed.
3. Shuffle the fiber to create tapered ends: Separate the bundle into two. Shift one bundle slightly forward and put in on top of the other bundle. Separate the new bundle into two and shift one bundle slightly in the opposite diretion and place the bundles together. Repeat until the ends have created a smooth taper.
4. Twist the fiber at the middle to create your SE loop.
5. Secure the loop to your work surface. (We used a clamp)
6. Trim away any fly away ends before you begin your braid work.
7. Pull a small section of fiber away from the bundle to the side.
8. Wind around the top of the SE loop a few times to secure your top.
9. Pull a small section from one side and fold it across and into center.
10. Pull a section from the other side and fold it across and into center.
11. Repeat this process, alternating sides, until you reach your desired braid length.
12. Stop and straighten out your fiber as necessary.
13. Determine how you want your ends finished. We opted to create a synthetic dread end (backcombed and sealed), but you could also band them and dip the fiber in hot water to smooth it straight.
14. Your accent is now ready to be added to your ponytail or installation.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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