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DIY: How to Round Off Your Synthetic Dreadlock Ends

Rounding Synthetic Dread Tips:

Learn how to create blunt ends on your synthetic dreads.

Items Needed:
Crochet Hook
XS Microneedle
Tail Comb

1. Secure your dreadlock.
2. Backcomb the end so it is fluffed up a bit.
3. Push the microneedle into the dreadlock and out the end.
4. Grab the tip of the dreadlock with your microneedle and pull it inside the dreadlock.
5. Repeat as needed until the tip has been completely pulled into the core of the dread.
6.Palm roll.
7.Go into the dreadlock with the crochet needle.
8. Pull a little bit of fiber away, wrap it around the crochet hook a couple times and pull it through to the other side of the dread.
9. Repeat several times.
10. Continue this process until the dread is stable.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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