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How to Create a Rockabilly Updo with Hair Extensions Installed

Rockabilly Updo with Extensions:

Learn how to create a rockabilly pinup updo with installed extensions.

Items Needed:
Little Wonder Brush
Bobby Pins
Fabric (3'' x 2 1/2', slight stretch, arched ends)

1. Pull the hair back and away from the face, leaving a few curls out.
2. Twist the hair so that you have a very tall roll with the ends loose at the top.
3. Fan out the loose hair at the top.
4. Pin the roll into place by going through the roll and into the base hair.
5. Pin up any of the loose natural hair at the nape.
6. Take the front section on one side and backcomb it on the back side.
7. Smooth on the front side and begin winding the hair around your fingers.
8. Pin into place using bobby pins.
9. Repeat on the other side.
10. Hairspray.
11. Take the fabric around the bottom, behind the mini victory rolls, and tie it at the top.
12.Curl the back of the style if not already precurled, then backcomb curls and pin them in place.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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