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Texture ALL. DAY. LONG. For hair that will mesmerize and tantalize for multiple uses, meet these Senegal Soul twists! Perfect little baby braids that keep on keepin' on, these twists are ideal for anyone who wants to look flawless on the regular.


RastAfri Senegal Soul Microbraid Hair Twists are radsauce on the hair burger of life. These beautiful spiral twists are essential if you love the feeling of having amazing hair without spending hours getting ready (and if you want to make everyone jealous of your insanely stunning hair choices).

  • 100% Kanekalon fiber for long lasting wear
  • Great color selection to match any style
  • Create beautiful styles in a fraction of the time
  • Approximately 18 inches long when folded
  • 4 to 5 packs will complete a full head

Beautiful spiral twists without all the work!

98% of 100
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Customer Questions
I would like to do the Senegalese on my daughter's hair, can I cut the hair in half?
You could try it, but the ends do look different from the mid-shaft on these, so you'd likely need to cut both ends and make them more blunt. They have a natural taper at the tips. Plan on sealing them too as I'm not sure if they could be cut without...
If I would like 2 get senegalese twist hair 2 crochet in. How many bundles of hair will I need???
About 3. These are really big packs. :)
What is the width of a single twist?
About half the width of a standard pencil.
can you braid these in or do you need to crochet ?
You can braid them in. We actually have a client that loves them as indviduals. You will end up with multiple ends on a single braid, but it still looks pretty sweet. :)
Do the ends of this hair need to be sealed with hot water so it wont unravel?
No, these do not need to be sealed. They are already perfectly formed. :)
Can these be braided in as you would a double ended dreadlock?
Yes they can.
Can you crochet them in?
Yes, these are perfect for crochet.
Can you cut this hair to make the style shorter? If you do, will the ends unravel?
I'd give that a solid maybe. I haven't tried it, but you would definitely want to razor taper, then backcomb the ends together slightly and use a bit of heat to shape them. Otherwise, they would likely unravel pretty quickly. When left at their current...
In the image that shows three packets next to each other, what is the one on the far left called please? I think it is chocolate/caramel but I don't know for sure. I can't tell from the mini thumbnails...
That is T1b/35 - its gorgeous - a nice orange red tip. :)
Can I swim with these braids?
You can! Just make sure they dry completely after.
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