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Deliciously Inspiring Rainbow Braids

I love when we get customer submissions.  These braids are EPIC!

Kerri is a school teacher in conservative Kansas, and she says her boss and students love her hair.  It's easy to see why!  They look well done, beautifully blended and elegantly playful.

Kerri1 Kerri2 Kerri3 Kerri4 Kerri5 Kerri6 Kerri7 Kerri8 Kerri9 Kerri10 Kerri11

"I have always had super thin short hair that wouldn't grow. I've been self conscious about how thin it is as long as I can remember- always worried about if it's getting to greasy or if the wind blows and the thin parts makes me look bald- I know it sound silly but it really bothered me! With the help of these braids my hair is so long and healthy and I've had a major confidence boost- enough to pursue some of my fitness dreams- never having to worry about my hair."

"I love the texture of the KK braids and all of your color choices... So I just wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU!!!"


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