How To Judge Hair Before You Buy


Let’s learn how:

  • 1. View the fullness to the tips - your hair extensions should have a gradual taper and not just loose stringy ends.
  • 2. Feel the temperature of the bundle in your hand. Higher quality hair will have a cooler temp due to the moisture trapped inside the cuticles.
  • 3. Look for split ends and mechanical damage. Bending the strands over your hand will make the tips more visible.
  • 4. If you are concerned about overprocessing, take a small strand and wet it. See how it stretches. Damaged hair will overstretch and possibly break. If it feels like rubber, avoid installation.
  • 5. Run your fingers up and down one or two strands of hair - cuticle hair will be slightly rougher on the upward movement.
  • 6. If you are concerned about it possibly being plastic, take a strand and remove it from the pack. Light it on fire and then observe the smell that is released. Human hair has a very distinct smell.


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