Pre bonded I Tip Remy Human Hair Extensions

Our exclusive collection of keratin pre-bonded hair extensions, meticulously designed to offer versatility and quality.  Explore our brilliant range of salon quality stick tips, featuring 2mm and 3mm extensions in both straight and body wave textures.  

I-Tip Pre Bonded Human Hair Extensions

Discover the precision and elegance of our I-tip prebond extensions. Crafted for durability and a seamless appearance, these keratin pre bonded extensions are made to blend effortlessly with your natural hair.  Much more comfortable than tape or clip in hair extensions, offering a near natural feel. Choose between 2mm and 3mm tips, catering to your preferred attachment method and style.

We create our pre bonded hair extensions beginning with virgin hair and gently water process it over several days.  Our remy hair extensions maintain their durable nature and high quality through this process.  Our keratin hair is double drawn to ensure thickness to the ends.  Its the quality you've come to rely on with the Doctored Locks brand.

Tipped Hair Extensions
  1. 3mm Prebonded I-Tip - Body Wave 50g | Human Hair
    3mm Prebonded I-Tip - Body Wave 50g | Human Hair
  2. Prebonded 3mm I-Tip - Straight 50g | Human Hair
    Prebonded 3mm I-Tip - Straight 50g | Human Hair
  3. Prebonded 2mm I-Tip - Straight 50g | Human Hair
    Prebonded 2mm I-Tip - Straight 50g | Human Hair
  4. Close up of 50 strand bundle keratin prebond 3mm tips Bliss I-Tip hair extensions
    18 Inch Bliss 3mm Prebond I-Tip - Straight 25g:50s | Human Hair

Prebond I-Tip Options

Beaded or Fusion Stick Tip Prebond Installation

There are several styles of pre bonded extensions and it is crucial that you find the right ones for your application.

The shape of the keratin glue will determine which application it is used for.

  • Fusion hair extensions use an italian protein glue that is shaped like a flat tip, a u tip or a prebonded nail.
  • I tip human hair extensions are created for micro ring and bead applications. 

Keratin, shaped like a pre bonded nail, is meant to be heated and glued into the natural hair.  This is considered a legacy method and has been trending down due to the often difficult removal.  Beaded methods are just as long lasting and give the consumer a great quality install with a much easier removal.

Straight Remy Hair and Body Wave Textures

From sleek and sophisticated straight remy human hair extensions to the beautifully textured body wave style, we have the perfect texture for you.  Every pack is 50g and comes with between 75 to 150 strands (varies with length and tip size).  For a full head, you will need between 100 grams and 150 grams on average.  Our hair extensions give you an easier way to create a natural look.  Tip remy extensions are the perfect hair for women who have always wanted thicker locks.  


Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our I-tip prebond extensions are crafted with precision and care to ensure durability and a natural blend with your hair.
  • Texture Variety: Whether you prefer straight extensions for a classic look or body wave extensions for added texture, our selection caters to various styles.
  • Color options: It is highly recommended having your hairdresser dye your natural hair, rather than color matching the extensions.  Our prebond extensions are specially created with good quality hair dyes to be strongly colorfast.  Coloring the tips always poses a high risk of damaging the keratin base and also the risk of not coming out the shade you intend.
  • Washing Directions: Your product description may have additional details, but we generally recommend Amika Kure shampoo and conditioners for daily use.  They are cleansing enough to remove excess hair oils and styling products, while gentle enough to condition and combat the toughest of tangles.

Experience the sophistication and quality of our I-tip prebond extensions.  Redefine your look with the perfect blend of precision, quality, and discreet style.  A great value, our hair can last several installations!

We are excited and honored to be your hair seller for life!  We pride ourselves on each detail of the transaction.  We monitor the packaging, shipping and delivery of each order.  If you need additional info, please contact us via email, phone or text.