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DIY: How to Make Plaid Print Lashes

Plaid Lashes:

Learn how to create plaid lashes.

Items Needed:
Alcohol Ink (Tim Holtz Metallics and Colors of Your Choice)
Fake Lashes - thick ones will make the best base for your design.
Toothpicks (or Nail Art Brushes)
Tin Foil

1. Shake up your metallic base ink and squeeze a few drops onto your tin foil.
2. Using a toothpick, paint the lash starting from the exterior edge down to the tips.
3. Repeat on the other lash.
4. Allow to dry completely.
5. Add a second layer of your metallic base to intensify the color and allow to dry.
6. Squeeze a drop or two of your colored inks onto the foil.
7. Use one color to create vertical and horizontal lines and allow to dry.
8. Use your second color to create more lines to complete a plaid pattern.
9. Allow to dry completely.
10. Your lashes are now ready to wear.

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