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DIY: How to Create Premade Pieces for a Pin Up Barrel Curl Updo

Pin Up Barrel Curl Pack:

Learn how to create a pin up barrel curl pack for the perfect updo every time.

Items Needed:
Weaving Hair
Curling Iron
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Hair Pins

Creating Your Pieces
1. Cut wefts into 1 ½ or 2'' pieces.
2. Make sure each piece is straight - use a flat iron as necessary.
3. Coat both sides of the hair with hairspray.
4. Curl the hair starting at the weft.
5. Wind the hair around the barrel.
6. Hold until the curl feels warm.
7. Release onto a flat service and let cool.
8. Once cooled, position your curl weft side up.
9. Put hot glue across the weft.
10. Wind the hair over the adhesive.
11. Add another layer of adhesive and wind the hair again.
12. Add another layer of adhesive and wind a third time.
13. Let cool and spray with hairspray.
14. Repeat for each curl.
Creating Your Updo
1. Put the natural hair into a bun.
2. Place the curl against the bun (weft side down) and pin into place.
3. Continue pinning in any direction you desire until the bun is covered.
4. Leave the tails long, curl them, or clip them away.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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