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DIY: How to Use a Dread Perm to Lock and Tighten Your Deads

Perming Dreadlocks:

Learn how to lock perm your human hair dreads to speed up the maturation process and minimize maintenance.

Items Needed:
Sheets of Plastic (Unused garbage bags are perfect)
Human Hair Dreadlocks
Perm Solution (I typically use exothermic)

1. Place dreads over plastic.
2. Mix your perming solution.
3. Saturate each dread with the solution.
4. Roll dreads up tightly in the plastic.
5. Allow to process.
6. Rinse dreads.
7. Put the dreads between two towels, roll them up, and press.
8. With hair damp, saturate the hair with the neutralizer.
9. Allow to process.
10. Rinse.
11. Hang to dry.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

2 thoughts on “DIY: How to Use a Dread Perm to Lock and Tighten Your Deads”

  • jill
    June 26, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    I came across your website hoping to find out which chemicals someone used to alter my hair. I had long well maintained chemically relaxed hair that began shading and shading for an inexplicable reason when I moved with my new roommate. Apparently misshandling some jealousy she was very mean with me bjt I kept ignoring the signs she we giving me because I have no spce for thar in my heart. -please do not read me wrong, I am not conceited.

    Then she kept saying this sarcastic comments that I should be free by going natural, and immediately she laughed oud loudly saying her little cousin wanted to get dreads on her hair. As I was oblivious about the situation, I started noting that my hair was showing a strand on the center of my hair that was extremely dry and fluffy, and it was rising noticeable more that the rest of the hair. My hair continued shading and turned rarher dry, and I decided to cut it and grow out my natural 2c and 3c curls, but then it was the whole crown of my hair that was turning like that, rather extremely dry, frizzy, very knotty, just wild and has the aspect of a wolf with the mixed texture of my natural hair and the still relaxed sections. I also noticed my scalp turned red, rather inflamated, and have a tingling-burning sensation that pulsated lasting for days. Then I suspected of something she had done to my haircare products, because even if I kept investing on Moroccan Oil hair care products, L'oreal color care shampoo, and deep conditioners, there is nothing that can penetrate the strands of my hair to tame it. The bottom of my head that is close to my neck had still my natural cute curls (I guess because I had not applied the adulterer shampoo directly onto that strand, but just 3 days ago I forgot not to use the same shampoo and accidentally went ahead applying a homemade mask with honey, avocado and avocado oil. Then I used that shampoo and finalized with a Shea Moisture deep conditioner which I mixed with olive oil. The result was unbelievable pitiful. I do not know what kind of chemicals she mixed into my shampoo but my scalp is tingling, burning and itching more, and my hair gained even more frizzines and too much volume. It is overly damaged (broken into pieces from the forehead all the way down and it twists unruly. The xolor I has applied to cover my grays turned blonde (I have feel brown hair). I definitely look like a wolf and I can only keep it somewhat in place controlled with a new expensive deep conditioner that the hair still does not absorb and a hairclip trying to prevent it from air drying to prevent more tangles and for people from finding out what is going on with my hair situation.

    I am desperate, I am seeing by second time a doctor hopefully to run some deep test because I do not know what type of chemicals she used and I am afraid she could have mixed in something toxic because she knows Inws borm with a genetic mutation which puts me a high risk of getting cancer.

    Would you mind being so kind of helping me or giving me an idea of what products or chemicals she could have used, and how to reduce or hopefully undo the effects of it? I am not ready to shave my head (I have been growing my natural hair for 2 years now), also I am afraid of the health of my scalp because it started showing some sort of weird flakes, bleeding on a small spot ans red patches. Also I present a focal pain on the center of my head.

    What did ahe use wanting mention go dreadlocks and how can I undo the damage please? Thank you very much in advance for all your help, and God bless.


    • Doc
      July 1, 2019 at 4:26 am

      Jill, that is absolutely heartbreaking. I am so sorry that anyone would be this unkind to you.

      First, make sure to toss out anything that may have been altered and don't let her near your new products. Be gentle with caring for your scalp as it will need time to heal. As for your hair, the main bonds are disulfide bonds that give the hair its strength. I would recommend purchasing some Olaplex and doing treatments twice a week after your scalp heals (or keeping it off your scalp as it may cause irritation for sensitive skin). Olaplex will help the remaining bonds to stabilize. This is your best bet, and making sure to keep it moisturized as well as possible. Personally, I love Amika Kure products for boosting moisture reserves.

      Take care of your heart. Abusive people are toxic and can damage you in more ways than just your hair. Sending you lots of hugs through my computer today.

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