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DIY: How to Make Cluster Lashes with Braiding Fiber

Making Cluster Lashes:

Learn how to make single cluster lashes with ShapeShifter.

Items Needed:
Shapeshifter Monofiber
Weaving Thread
Perm Rods
Liquid Nail Glue
Freshly Boiled Hot Water
Old Lash Tray

1. Set up work area weaving thread across risers.
2. Determine the desired thickness for each cluster by doubling over a bit of fiber.
3. Take the fiber at the middle and place under the weaving thread.
4. Push the tail ends of the hair and pull it through the loop. Use tweezers to help.
5. Pull this knot tight.
6. Repeat this process until you have achieved your desired lash width.
5. Position knots for desired thickness.
6. Pull all of the knots tight.
7. Apply a thin coat of liquid nail glue across the knots.
8. Allow glue to dry.
9. Pull lashes apart at the base so they are fan out.
10. Position a perm rod underneath the lashes.
11. Place a towel into freshly boiled water, then lay it on top of the rod and hold until heat dissipates.
12. Repeat the curling step as needed.
13. Cut lashes to the desired length.
14. Cut apart the individual lashes.
15. Your new lashes are now ready to wear.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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