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DIY: How to Install Prebonded I-Tip Hair with Linkies Microbeads

Linkies with Prebond:

Learn how to install prebonded extensions with Linkies microbeads.

Items Needed:
I-tipped Hair
Stainless Steel Closer
Stainless Steel Opener

1. Place Linkies onto the microneedle.
2. Pick up a section of natural hair with the microneedle and slide the Link onto it.
3. Pick a single piece of bonded extension hair and insert the tip into the Link.
4. Using your closer tool, position the Link and compress it to close.
5. Continue this process until you have completed your style.

1. Slide a closed Link into the opener tool.
2. Apply gentle pressure and the Link will pop open.
3. Slide Link and extension hair off of the natural strand.
4. Repeat until all extensions have been removed.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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