What is your typical order flow?

1. Your products are automatically reserved by our inventory system.

2. Orders are printed and physically pulled from our shelves by our pack and ship team members.

3. The items that have been selected are scanned to make sure every item in your bundle is correct.

4. Next, the products are packaged with love and care, labeled and taken to our shipping bay to be picked up by our shipping carriers.

5. From our shipping bay they're waved a fond farewell and begin their magical journey to you.

6. We also make sure you are emailed your tracking information for you to spy on it as it makes its way across the land.

For quality assurance, we also monitor parcels for delays and potential issues while they are en route to you.

If there are any hiccups, our staff to be in contact with you immediately and maintain that contact until the goods are safely in your hands.

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