Do you add a fee for shipping internationally?

Doctored Locks does not add any fees, nor do we have any control over them. International fees may be added by one of two agencies, your selected shipping carrier or your local customs agency. Fees levied by your shipping carrier may include brokerage fees (for crossing international borders) and filing parcel entry documents with customs.

Your country’s customs agency regulates importation of goods. They may impose a tariff, tax, duty or other fee. These are commonly calculated by the type of item and the dollar amount that you have purchased.

Because these fees vary from agency to agency and country to country, we are unable to predict these fees for you. If you are concerned about the possibility of additional fees, please contact your local customs office and selected shipping carrier. The United States Postal Service can be reached at 1-800-275-8777. UPS can be contacted at 1-800-742-5877. You will need to Google the customs office closest to you.

Any additional fees are the customer's responsibility. Your shipping fees will not be refunded if you refuse your shipment.

Note: We have received feedback from customers saying that USPS was less expensive than UPS in regards to international transport "brokerage" fees. This is particularly true for our Canadian customers.

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