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DIY: How to Create Knotty (Popcorn) Style Dreads Using Krinklepuff Fiber

Knotty No-Seals with Krinklepuffs:

Learn how to create Knotty No-Seals using Krinklepuffs.

Items Needed:
Krinklepuffs Dread Marley Braid
Jumbo Braid
Flat Iron

1. Secure one side of your Krinklepuff bundle to your work surface.
2. Wind a small section of Jumbo Braid around the Krinklepuffs.
3. Use various braiding and wrapping techniques down the Krinklepuffs.
4. If more Jumbo Braid is needed, wind it a few times above the ends of the previous section.
5. Incorporate the previous ends and continue down the puffs.
6. Braid down as close to the ends as possible.
7. Wrap either the puff or Jumbo braid and hit it with a flat iron until the remainder of the fiber drops away.
8. Roll the warm fiber until it is smooth.
9. Repeat on the other side.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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