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KK Ultra Galaxy Color Palettes

5 Galaxy KK Ultra Combinations that will make you starry eyed!

Galaxy hair is the final frontier of hair trends and it is hotter than a supernova! If you search the term #galaxyhair on social media you are bound to see thousands of awe-inspiring interstellar hair color combinations that are truly out of this world.

While cruising through some of these images, I couldn't help but wonder where the galaxy dreads, braids and extension pictures were! So I sat down and started blending.

Here are a few galaxy combinations I came up with using our KK Ultra Jumbo Braiding Hair. Now, time to get backcombing!

1. Blue Nebula

KK Ultra Blue Galaxy


2. Purple Space Storm

KK Ultra Deep Purple GalaxyKK Ultra Deep Purple Galaxy


3. Extra Terrestrial 

KK Ultra Light Purple Galaxy


4. Cosmic Sunrise

KK Ultra Rainbow Galaxy


5. Andromeda 

KK Ultra Red Galaxy

Be sure to tag your galaxy KK blends on social media with #doctoredlocks!

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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