Employment Opportunities at Doctored Locks
Hair Extension and Dreadlock Employment Opportunities at Doctored Locks


About Our Company

We are an online/brick-and-mortar hair extension company that creates our own lines of specialty hair extension and dreadlock products. Our goal is to help stylists refine their craft and become successful with niche services. In addition to our physical products, we also offer online courses provides coaching for stylists and salons. We are on a mission to help our clients get and stay inspired!

We believe our clients create inspirational changes that better the lives of their client's every day.

We believe we are the very best at what we do - nobody else designs curriculum and creates unique niche products like we do.

We believe our clients have gifts that reach others on a deeper level. We train client's that inspire the world.

We believe our team provides the best experience for our clients so they get the best results.


What Its like To Work With Us?

We are a fun company that is really more like a family. You’ll be welcomed into the DLI team, where we have a mission to change the lives of our clients AND change the world. We are obsessed with seeing our clients' dreams come to life, and helping them careers that they love and relationships that matter.

We also work hard and expect you to do the same! We only work with A-Players who go above and beyond in everything they do. We expect your 110% effort in everything you do.

We’re a fast-paced company. Things change rapidly in our business, and we move quickly to test and experiment with new solutions. We are always working on a lot of projects and creating new things constantly. There are a lot of moving parts, so you must be able to stay organized and have great self-management skills.

We have a no-panic policy. You are expected to be calm and be presenting solutions even if it feels stressful (and our entire team knows we don’t panic, so you’ll never have someone yelling at you or “freaking out” when something breaks. That’s just not our style!).

We are all relentlessly optimistic and keep it positive. We don’t deal with whiners or complainers.

We always look for people who want to collaborate and contribute, not just “do the tasks”. We want your ideas and creativity!


Open Positions:

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