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DIY: How to Install Extra Large Single Ended Synthetic Dreads

Installing Extra Large Synthetic Dreads:

Learn how to install SE extra large synthetic dreads.

Items Needed:
Extra Large Single Ended Dreadlocks
Rubber Bands
Latch Hook Tool
Tail Comb
Spray Bottle

1. Slide two rubber bands onto the base of your dreadlock.
2. Section the natural hair.
3. Spray the section with water (as needed) for control.
4. Position the latch hook through the single ender and pull the natural hair through.
5. Split the natural hair in two pieces and begin braiding using a criss-cross motion.
6. When you reach the ends of the natural hair, slide the first rubber band around the natural hair.
7. Continue braiding until you have reached the finest tips of the natural hair and use the second rubber band to secure them in place.
8. Repeat until the desired look has been achieved.

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