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DIY: How to Turn Your Afro Bulk Dreads into Crochet Method Extensions for Ethnic Textures

Human Hair Crochet Dreads from Afro Bulk Dreads:

Learn how to create SE human hair crochet dreads from afro bulk dreads.

Items Needed:
Afro Bulk Extenders (
Pulling Needle
Latch Hook Tool

1. Find where the taper begins at the top of your dread.
2. Twist the hair just above the taper and wrap it around your finger.
3. Insert your pulling needle into the dreadlock and pull the tail into the dread.
4. Cinch the loop around your finger.
5. Use your pulling needle to pull in the loose ends of afro bulk.

To Install:
1. Create a cornrowed base.
2. Slide your crochet tool underneath a cornrow.
3. Pick up the loop of the dread and pull it underneath the braid.
4. Insert the tail end through the loop and cinch down.
5. Repeat until your style is complete.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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