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How to Create a High Pony with Braided Base Style Using a Drawstring Ponytail

Toning Synthetics To Match Base Color :

Learn how to create that signature pop star high ponytail with braided base.

Items Needed:
Long Ponytail Piece
Bobby Pins
Rubber Bands

1. Put your natural hair in the highest top knot you can.
2. Insert the top comb of the piece.
3. Insert the underside comb.
4. Tighten the toggle on the side, wind the excess string up, and use a bobby pin to hold in place.
5. If any wefts are showing in the front, use bobby pins to fold it down into place.
6. Pull a small section from the back underside of the ponytail.
7. Create a 3 strand braid and secure it with a small band.
8. Wrap the braid around the pony base, making sure the tail end lands in the back.
9. Pin braid into place.
10. Comb strands into place. You are done!

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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