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DIY: How to Use Jumbo Fiber to Heat Seal Pinchbraids

Heat Sealing Pinchbraids with Shapeshifter:

Learn how to use Shapeshifter and Kanekalon Braid to create a full synthetic loose hair installations.

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid (Heat sealable fiber)
Flat Iron

1. Pick up a bit of Shapeshifter and a smaller amount of Jumbo Braid.
2. Stack the Jumbo Braid on top of the Shapeshifter.
3. Pick up a small section of natural hair and begin an extension braid.
4. After 2 or 3 turns, separate each Shapeshifter leg and Natural hair leg into two.
5. Combine one Shapeshifter section and one natural hair section together. Repeat with the others.
6. Continue braiding.
7. When your braid is approximately one inch in length, separate the Kanekalon fiber away from the braid. Wind the fiber around the extension.
8. Use a flat iron to apply heat to the Kanekalon until it melts onto itself.
9. Find the extra leg of Kanekalon and apply heat to remove it from the bundle.
10. You have completed your first bond. Continue adding bonds until you have created the desired style.
11. To remove heat seals twist the Kanekalon seal. It will crack and open. Once the bond is open, it can be unbraided and removed safely without pulling.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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