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DIY: How to Create Harlequin (Half and Half) Dreads Using Krinklepuff Fiber - No Backcombing

Harlequin Krinklepuff Dreads:

Learn how to create harlequin dreads using Krinklepuffs.

Items Needed:
Krinklepuffs Dread Marley Braid (2 colors)
Steamer (or other sealing method)

1. Hold each color at the top, cross them over, and loop them resulting in one color on each side.
2. Secure one end to a work surface.
3. Divide the krinklepuff leg into two sections.
4. Create an opening through one section.
5. Pull the other section through the opening.
6. Alternate pulling each side through the other until you have reached the ends.
7. Flip the Krinklepuff and repeat down the other side.
8. Twist the form and set the dread seal with the method of your choice.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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