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DIY: How to Make and Wear Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Extensions:

Learn how to create and wear your own diy halo extensions.

Items Needed:
Wefted Hair
Liquid Gold
Mono Filament (Fishing Line)

1. Measure your weft - start just above one ear, wrap around the back of the head, and finish just above the other ear. Cut this weft away from the bundle.
2. Cut two more pieces of weft to match the length of your first weft.
3. Paint Liquid Gold just below the weft stitching.
4. Allow this to dry a few minutes until it becomes tacky.
5. Once tacky, adhere your second weft to the first.
6. Repeat with the third weft, again just below the stitching.
7. Tie the filament around the weft just a few millimeters inside of one corner.
8. Knot this several times to secure it and cut away the excess filament tail.
9. Position your piece and measure the approximate filament length for your finished piece.
10. Tie the filament to the other side.
11. Your piece is now ready to wear! Slip this onto your head. Pull the top layer of the natural hair over the wefts and brush the front hairs into place to cover the filament.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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