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12 Halloween Hair-spirations


Halloween is coming up quickly!

It is coming up especially quick for all of you awesome DIY'ers out there who don't do store bought costumes.

If you are like me, you are a bit A.D.D. right now between 18,000 different costume ideas. To help solidify my inspiration, I turned to our previous Halloween Costume Contest entries.  Boom.  Hair-spiration is SO on!

Beware: No cheesy, $5 grab-and-go  costume wigs will be found in this post. Only killer customers with killer hair.




1. Pastel Goth Clown- Alexis Asphyxia

Untitled design(4)

OMFG. The stuff of nightmares.  How much I love this can hardly be contained.  Custom wig, featuring handmade synthetic dreadlocks.  XoXo

Get your KK Ultra Braiding Hair and learn how to create dreads of your own in our Synthetic Dreadlock section.


2. This furry guy - Laura Mercer

Untitled design(3)

When in doubt, just cover your awesome self in a handmade fur suit! Laura made the mohawk and the beard from our Kanekalon Jumbo Braid.


3. Storm - Tsehai Sunshine
Untitled design(1)

Zzzzzzap, zap, KAPOW!  Loving the black & white, stormy dreadlocks.

Buy some Premade Synthetic Dreadlocks and learn how to install them here!


4. Day of the Dead - Amie Marie

Untitled design(18)

The most beautiful sugar skull! The hair matches the makeup. Simply divine! <3

Learn how to properly prepare your hair for alternative colors in our bleaching video. Then pick out your new hair color!


5. Medusa - Carrie Pike

Untitled design(2)

Medusa, oh so captivating! Snakes slithering through blonde dreadlocks!

Achieve this look with our Premade Synthetic Dreadlocks or customize a set of your own.  You can find directions and everytihng you ever wanted to know about Synthetic Dreadlocks here!


6. Stars and Stripes Clown - Casey Achgill

Untitled design(14)

Move over, Uncle Sam!  Auntie Sam is coming to collect!  Custom wig, with silky backcombed locks.  Heels and a chainsaw = deadly combination.

Get this look with Silky Braid or ShapeShifter fiber blends!  For usage ideas, check out How to Make Hair Extension Wefts.


7. Cousin Itt- Cookiebella Coocpuffs

Untitled design(16)

Three different colors of Kanekalon Jumbo Braid. were used to complete this full costume.  Head to toe hair!  So impressive!


8. Wonderland Gone Wrong - Deidra Vierra

Untitled design(11)

Come with me Alisssssssssssss!!   I don't know about you, but I would follow this Cheshire Cat down the rabbit hole!  Deidra completed this look with a cyberlox and custom dreadlock fall created from Jumbo braid.

Watch this video to learn how to create your own Simple Cyberlox Falls in this tutorial.


9. Sad Clown - Kristy 'Gala' McNamara

Untitled design(12)

Custom styled synthetic tendrils, complete this perfectly sad, yet terrifying vision.  She looks like a painting, doesn't she?  The sad clown you want to help but also run away from... far, far away!

Learn how to change the partline on your wig,  curl a synthetic wig or take a peek at all kinds of alterations here!


10. Old Victorian Skaven - Mischa DenUkjente

Untitled design(6)

Latex mask entirely made and painted by hand!  Hand formed dreadlocks finish the look perfectly!  If you look carefully, you can see her two personal bodyguards peeking over her shoulder...

Find dreadlock inspiration for your costume in our Synthetic Dreadlock section.


11. Faun - Megan Pritchard

Untitled design(8)

Custom styled ginger locks steal the show!  Such a gorgeous woodland creature!

Become your own nature inspired woodland creature by layering your locks with a clip in extensions and topping it off with deer antlers!


12. Next Level Angler Fish - Remelisa E.G. Cullitan-Stillinger

Untitled design

Come seek out my shiny lure... just a little closer!  My silky gray locks look soft and sweet... all the better to... CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!

Create your perfect monster with ShapeShifter silky monofiber and inspiration from our Wigs and Piece Alteration section!


Did you find your hair-spiration?

Be sure to give us a shout out if you need help finding the perfect color or fiber to make your DIY hair dreams come true!, or 509-326-7100

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