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Hair Extensions and Navigating the Hair Loss Process

Hair Extensions and the Hair Loss Process:

Learn about how extensions, wigs, and pieces, can help get you through hair loss caused by treatments.

1. Find a full wig that makes you feel good. Hold onto this for use further in the process.
2. Determine when (or if) you will cut your hair. If you will use your hair for future pieces, cut it as soon as you start to notice a loss.
3. When you cut your hair, you have your wig that you had on standby for exactly this time. If you decide cutting your hair isn't right for you, you can utilize top pieces to maintain the look of thickness.
4. When the top piece is no longer enough to fill the back and sides, switch to using your full wig.
5. After treatment and you notice your hair filling in, use your top piece and fill with clip extensions.
6. As your natural hair adds length and thickness, you can begin to remove extension pieces and then finally the top piece.

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