Flex Tip Nano Hair Extensions and Nano Bead Installation Supplies

Our exclusive collection of remy hair professional hair extensions, designed to transform your hair effortlessly.  This special type of hair extensions offer a discreet way to strands of hair extensions to your natural hair to create volume and length.  Completely natural-looking, they are perfect for creating a seamless blend with your natural hair - especially well suited for thin and baby fine hair!

Nano Flex Tip Hair Extensions

Discover the latest in hair extension technology with our flex-tip nano extensions. These ultra-fine extensions offer a discreet and comfortable solution, meticulously designed for a natural look and feel.

Made with high-quality remy human hair, our nano extensions blend seamlessly blend, providing length and volume without compromise.

Nano bead hair extensions are unlike any other installation method you have ever seen.  For client's with thinning hair, nano bead extensions are a perfect solution.  They are much easier to conceal than i-tip hair extensions, tape-in extensions, clip-in and micro ring bead applications.  If you are looking to add volume to your natural hair, use 100g for fine hair to 200g for thick hair for a sleek and smooth appearance.  Made from remi luxury quality human hair, these nano bead extensions are a client favorite!

Nano Hair
  1. full pack of flex tip nano hair extensions
    18 Inch Bliss Flex Tip Nano Extensions 40g:50s | 100% Human Hair
  2. full pack of bliss flex tip nano hair extensions
    22 Inch Bliss Flex Tip Nano Extensions 50g:50s | 100% Human Hair

Nanos - The World's Smallest Beads

Flawless installations begin with our specialized beads, crafted for nano ring hair extensions to create a virtually undetectable sleek and seamless hair extension installation on any type of hair.  Our tip extensions application process is easy.  Whether you are completing a full head or just wish to enhance your look with nano stands, the method used to attach the extension is simple.  

Using a threader tool, thread a strand of the client's natural hair through a nano bead.  The plastic nano tip hair extensions are then inserted into the bead.  Using pliers (we recommend a smooth interior plier to not mark or chip the bead), position the extension near the roots and gently squeeze the extension into position.

Nano Beads
  1. Silicone Nano Beads 250 Count Jar | Smallest Microlinks
    Silicone Nano Beads 250 Count Jar | Smallest Microlinks
  2. Nano Beads 250 Count Jar | Smallest Microlinks
    Nano Beads 250 Count Jar | Smallest Microlinks

Supplies for Installations

These tools ensure precision and ease during the installation process, allowing for a secure and long-lasting hold without causing damage to your natural hair.  For best results nano ring hair extensions should be moved up every 6-8 weeks.

This stylist approved extension method is a perfect hair extension solution to create the smooth appearance of straight hair without adding weight or damaging your natural strands.  It has never been easier to help client's hair look healthy from root to tip.

Openers & Closers
Pulling Tools

Combs, Brushes, and Clips

Complete your styling kit with our professional grade combs, brushes, and clips. From detangling brushes to precision styling combs, we offer the essential tools to maintain and style your extensions effortlessly. Our clips provide a secure hold for various styling techniques using heat or securing your extensions in place.

Combs & Brushes
Stands, Clips, Ect.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our flex tip nano extensions represent the latest advancements in hair extension design, providing a comfortable solution for every hair type.
  • Professional Luxury Quality: Nano tip hair extensions are made with thick hair all the way to the hair ends.
  • Quality Accessories: Our beads and tools are meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and damage-free installation process.
  • Complete Styling Solution: From installation to styling, our range includes everything you need for a perfect hair extension experience.
  • Color Options and Texture Options: Lowlights and balayage extension colours and textures

Experience the convenience and luxury, meticulously designed to elevate your hair and style. Shop now for effortless style and experience our quality guarantee and lightning fast delivery.  Be sure to check out the customer reviews.