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DIY: How to Create Cornrows (Step 1: Finger Patterning)

Learning Cornrows Step 1: Finger Patterning:

Step 1 of 3: Learn the finger patterning for creating cornrow braids.

Items Needed:
Tail Comb
Rubber Bands

1. Create the braid channel by carving a section with your tail comb. Use rubber bands to keep neighboring hairs out of the way.
2. Learn your finger patterning. In between the index finger and thumb will be called "pinch" (think lobster claw!) and in between the index and middle fingers will be called "grab."
3. Pick up a small section of hair where you want the braid to start and separate it into 3.
4. Use your pinch fingers on one hand to pick up the first section, your grab fingers to pick up the next section, and rest the third section in the fingers behind that.
5. With your other hand, "pinch" the back section, moving your hand forward "grab" the front strands, and rest the other strand behind.
6. Repeat, alternating hands and you will have created a three strand braid.

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