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DIY: How to Create Faux Fur Braids - Easy Boho Accents for Dreadlocks

Faux Fur Braids:

Learn how to create faux fur braids.

Items Needed:
Jumbo Braid
Faux Fur
Tail Comb
Rubber Bands
Pot of Boiled Water

1. Cut 1/4'' strips of faux fur.
2. Separate a portion of jumbo braid from the large bundle and secure it to a work surface at the middle bend.
3. Cut away uneven ends.
4. Split one of the fiber into two strands.
5. Begin to braid. After a few turns, add some hair from the largest strand (the one that wasn't split) into one of the small ones - creating two larger strands, keeping one smaller strand.
6. Continue a few more turns.
7. With the smaller strand in the center, add the fur strip with the backside against the fiber.
8. Braid these together making sure the backside of the fur is always against the fiber.
9. Band the ends.
10. Remove any bulky ends.
11. Place the ends into a pot of boiling water and then comb through them.
12. Set to the side to cool.
13. Use the end of a comb to pull out some of the fur to the desired texture.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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