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DIY: How to Set up Your Dreadloom to Build Dreadlock Singles

Dreadloom Set Up For Dreadlock Singles:

Learn how to use the dreadloom to create human hair dreadlock singles.

Items Needed:
Ratchet Bar Clamp (2)
Wefted Hair
Large Safety Pins

1. Fold your wefted hair so it is 4 layers thick.
2. Hook a safety pin around the top of the wefted hair.
3. Attach the pin around the modification strap.
4. Continue adding pins across the weft until it is fully secure.
5. Take your top plank and sandwich the fiber into place.
6. Clamp to secure the dreadloom.
7. You are now ready to backcomb your hair.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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