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Dreadloom Modification for Single Ended Dreadlocks

Dreadloom Modification for Single Ended Dreadlocks:

Learn how to use a dreadloom to create single ended dreadlocks.

Items Needed:
Dreadloom with Modification Strap
Ratchet Bar Clamp (2)
Jumbo Braid
Large Safety Pins
Ponytail Holders

1. Fold a bit of fiber in half and hold it at the centerfold.
2. Fold a ponytail holder around the fold of the fiber.
3. Hook a safety pin through the ponytail holder.
4. Lock the safety pin around the modification strap of the dreadloom.
5. Continue pinning a row of fiber along the modification strap.
6. Sandwich the fiber into place with the top plank.
7. Clamp the dreadloom to your workspace.
8. Back comb each section of pinned hair.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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