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DIY: How to Create a Simple Elegant Dreadlock Updo

Dreadlock Styling : Simple Elegant Updo:

Learn how to create an elegant dreadlock updo.

Items Needed:
Hair Pins
Ponytail Holders

1. Pull all dreadlocks towards the back and split them into 3 equal sections.
2. Wind your first section to the right, flipping it up to create a bun.
3. Place a ponytail holder around the bun to secure it.
4. Wind the tail ends around the bun and tuck them into the ponytail holder.
5. Repeat for the other two sections.
6. Connect the first two buns by centering a hair pin between the two,catching hair from both and inserting the pin straight up.
7. Repeat the process with a second pin in the downward direction.
8. Combine the remaining two buns using the same process.
9. Tuck in any dread ends for a smooth, finished style.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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