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DIY: How to Create Curling Rods to Quickly Curl Synthetic Dreads

Dreadlock Curling Rods:

Learn how to create your own set of dreadlock curling rods.

Items Needed:
Dowels of Various Sizes
Eye Screws - small size to fit the dowel end (one for each dowel)
Fishing Swivels - heavy duty size #2/0 (one for each dowel)
Stain, Polyurethane & Brushes (optional)
Two sets of pliers

1. (Optional) Seal the Wood by using stain and polyurethane on each dowel.
2. Add an eye screw to each dowel at one end only.
3. Use the pliers to open the eye screw.
4. Slide a fishing swivel onto the eye screw and close the eye screw with the pliers.

Download PDF instructions here!

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