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DIY: How to Use a Dread Perm to Lock Down Dreads and Add Texture

Dread Perms and Styles:

Learn how to speed up the dreadlock process, maintain your already formed dreadlocks, or add some new texture to your human hair dreadlocks.

Items Needed:
Thread in Contrasting Color
Rubber Bands
Perm Rods
Perm Paper
Spray Bottle

1. Cut a piece of thread three times the length of the dread.
2. Position the thread so that one leg is just past the dread and the other is much longer.
3. Pinch the dread at the top and wrap the longer leg of thread down the length of the dread. (If doing a maintenance reperm, just wrap the new growth)
4. Tie it off.
5. Perm.
1. Grab two dreads that are close near the bases.
2. Twist each at the base in the same direction.
3. Pass the dread from your right hand to the left and the one from the left hand goes underneath.
4. Continue twisting and passing the length of the dread.
5. Use a rubber band to secure the end.
6. Perm.
1. Fold a perm paper around the end of the dread and spritz with water.
2. Slide the paper all the way to the very end of the dread.
3. Position the dread lock near an end of the perm rod.
4. Wrap the dread around the rod.
5. Once past the ends of the dread, twist the dread as you wrap it around the rod.
6. Secure the rod.
7. Perm.

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