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DIY: Dollylocks Method for Repairing Thin Dreadlocks

Dollylocks Repairing Thin Dreadlocks:

Learn how to fix thinning spots on dreadlocks.

Items Needed:
Dollylocks Steel Hook
Tail Comb
Bulk Human Hair
Dollylocks Dry Shampoo
Dollylocks Tightening Gel

1. Take a small amount of loose human hair and pull it apart so the ends are not blunt.
2. Use the steel hook to pull the hair through the dreadlock.
3. Pull through at different angles.
4. Flip the dread and repeat the process.
5. Pull the loose hair to one side and backcomb.
6. Add a small amount of the dry shampoo to the loose hair.
7. Continue slowly pulling the loose hair through the dreadlock with the steel hook.
8. After pulling some of the hair through, backcomb the loose hair again.
9. Alternate backcombing and using the steel hook until thin spot has been covered.
10. Add a small amount of the dry shampoo to the former thin spot and palm roll lightly.
11. Put one pump of the tightening gel into your hand, spread it around, and work it into the
former thin spot.
12. Palm roll.

The Amazing Items Used for this Tutorial

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